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  • Jul


    Common Mistakes when Fitting Rotary Unions

    Correct installation of our rotary unions ensures longevity and reliability. All our joints are pressure tested before despatch and are uniquely identifiable by serial number. Early failure of a joint is usually due to one of the following installation mistakes. 1. Hoses which are attached to the unions are too short, this causes undue strain on the union which in turn pulls it out of alignment 2. Hoses which are attached to the unions are too long causing unnecessary weight which again causes strain on the union 3. Badly fitted hoses ie: incorrect bends, again causing strain 4. Fitting solid pipework as opposed to flexible hoses will also cause strain on the union 5. Attaching too many fittings to the union eg: valves and/or gauges which will cause weight strain issues 6. Too many fittings between the roll and the spindle can cause movement of the union. This in turn can cause the centre tube to foul in the roll, resulting in strain on the bearings and on the flexible hose 7. Solidly clamping a union preventing natural movement If you have any questions regarding fitting of unions please contact us.

  • Mar


    Filton Rotary Unions in the Cereal Industry

    Filton rotary unions and swivel joints are also used extensively in cereal production. Steam is injected through the union to cook the product. These types of union would usually have stainless steel contact parts for hygiene purposes. Chocolate is also milled on machines fitted with water cooled rolls. Some machinery producing confectionery uses water below ambient temperature and sometimes brine to minus 25°C to aid cooling speeds.

  • Feb


    Filton Rotary Unions in the Steel Industry

    Filton rotary unions and swivel joints are used in a wide variety of industries, for our first blog of 2018 we thought we would look at how they are used in the steel industry. In this industry the rotary unions allow a constant flow of water into the rotating roll without leakage. Perhaps the most common use is the cooling of copper conductor rolls on sheet tinning lines. They are also used extensively in rolling mills, for both cooling the rolls and the bearings. This ensures the roll is kept at a constant temperature and the product at a uniform thickness. Furnace rolls and rolls adjacent to furnaces are also water cooled. Temperatures of the furnaces can reach over 1000°C, the water cooling prevents the rolls from melting.

  • Jan


    Filton celebrates its 75th Anniversary on the 10th January!

    Today Filton celebrates 75 years since it was incorporated and it remains a family owned business. We would like to thank all our Customers, Suppliers and Partners around the world for being so supportive over the years.

  • Dec


    Happy Christmas and New Year from Filton!

    Everyone at Filton would like to wish all of our Customers, Suppliers & Distributors a Happy Christmas and New Year! We look forward to working with you all in 2017!

  • Jul


    Wow! After the hot weather comes the BAD again!

    Read more by clicking the link below.

  • Jun


    Some Good News from the Oil Industry!

    FTSE jumps as oil hits $51 a barrel - Read more by clicking the link below the image.

  • Jun


    Did you know?

    Over 50% of Filton products are specially designed to meet customers individual requirements. Our technical team works with the client to give them the most suitable solution for their specific application. The team is always on hand to advise or discuss on any Rotary Union / Swivel Joint issues you may have. Call them now on +44 1926 423191 to discuss your needs or potential projects!

  • May


    New Blog Feature!

    Welcome to Filton's new blog. Here we will be sharing the latest information on our products, industry news and anything else interesting!