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Common Mistakes when Fitting Rotary Unions

Monday 23rd July 2018

Correct installation of our rotary unions ensures longevity and reliability. All our joints are pressure tested before despatch and are uniquely identifiable by serial number. Early failure of a joint is usually due to one of the following installation mistakes.

1. Hoses which are attached to the unions are too short, this causes undue strain on the union which in turn pulls it out of alignment

2. Hoses which are attached to the unions are too long causing unnecessary weight which again causes strain on the union

3. Badly fitted hoses ie: incorrect bends, again causing strain

4. Fitting solid pipework as opposed to flexible hoses will also cause strain on the union

5. Attaching too many fittings to the union eg: valves and/or gauges which will cause weight strain issues

6. Too many fittings between the roll and the spindle can cause movement of the union. This in turn can cause the centre tube to foul in the roll, resulting in strain on the bearings and on the flexible hose

7. Solidly clamping a union preventing natural movement

If you have any questions regarding fitting of unions please contact us.