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Filton Rotary Unions in the Printing Industry

Monday 16th March 2020

Take a look at how our Unions are used in the Printing Industry.

Filton Rotary Unions in the Printing Industry

Filton Rotary Unions can be used for different applications within the printing industry. One key application would be Flexo-Printing Machines.

Within the flexo printing industry a Filton Rotary Union will be used on a roll or cylinder drum for cooling. The water cooled roll or cylinder drum is used to cool the hot paper or sheets, as it does this the ink will dry.

A Filton Rotary Union can also be used on the ink vibrator and chill rolls, it is used to control the temperature. The Rotary Union is primarily used for high volume printing applications, such as; newspapers, magazines, catalogues and books.


Rotary Unions can also be used on sheet fed applications where a single sheet of paper or paperboard will be passed over the ink vibrator and chill rolls. With the same principle as the high volume printing the Rotary Union is used for temperature control.


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