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Filton Rotary Unions in the Rubber Industry

Monday 18th March 2019

Take a look at how our Unions are used in the Rubber Industry.

Filton Rotary Unions are used extensively within the Rubber Industry for both mixing and extrusion.


There are different types of machines which will use Filton Rotary Unions within the Rubber Industry, such as; Mills, Calenders and Extruders (which make profiles)



Rubber Mixing

Mixing is done by a 2 roll mill, which processes the natural rubber into various compounds. The two rolls rotate in opposite directions towards each other and at different speeds and mix the rubber and ingredients used to create the rubber compounds.  The machine that is normally used is the Banbury Mixer.


The rolls are heated and cooled to keep the product at a certain temperature; this is done by water passing through the Filton Rotary Union into the roll.



Rubber Extrusion

Rubber Extrusion is similar to Plastic Extrusion; Filton Rotary Unions are used to cool the extruder screw. The Extruder pushes material through a barrel with a screw.


The Extruder is a machine which applies shear force to a raw product (such as rubber) to make it into a final product.



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