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Fitting your Rotary Union

Monday 30th November 2020

Fitting your Rotary Union to help pro-long the life and give a trouble-free service.

Fitting your Rotary Union

When fitting your Rotary Union, there are various factors to consider to ensure that it is fitted correctly to prolong the life and give a trouble-free service.


Our standard Rotary Unions have a male BSPP spindle thread and this should be fitted to a female BSPP thread on the machine, this will also allow correct sealing using our abutment washer. There are other thread types that we can supply, for example BSPTr, NPT, UNC and metric, we are happy to discuss this further and we can recommend the best way to fit the Rotary Union if required.


All Rotary Unions should be fitted with flexible hoses as this allows for free movement of the Rotary Union and must be fitted in the correct orientation.

If you have a Torque Arrestor fitted, you must ensure that it has enough room to allow for free movement.