Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints,
Air Breather Filters, Flexible Hoses


Designed and Manufactured in the UK, Supplied Worldwide for over 75 years.

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Meet the Team... Business Support

Tuesday 17th December 2019

Meet the people who support and supervise our teams to ensure Filton consistently delivers products and a service of the highest quality.

Our Business Support Team

Paul Bates – Director

Paul joined Filton in March 1998 to update and develop the Quality Management System.  Paul’s engineering training and automotive background gave him a good understanding of the industry. Later he took on responsibility for purchasing.  Paul bought Filton from the Murray’s (his cousins) in 2012 to keep the company as a family business.  He now works part time.


Oliver Bates –Director

Oliver joined Filton in September 2012.  He is responsible for Purchasing and supplier approval.  Oliver organises any building or repair work that is necessary on the site in addition to being responsible for distributor contracts.  He works with Joanna on the day to day running of the business.


Joanna Bates - Director

Joanna joined Filton in February 2013 to take responsibility for Human Resources and the ISO:9001 certification.  In 2016 she also took over some financial responsibilities when Jean became part time.  Joanna works with Oliver on the day to day running of the business.


Phil Batsford – Cost Accountant

Phil started in October 1987 and is responsible for Costing and Pricing, this includes any specially designed rotary unions or swivel joints. Phil has also overseen the installation of our IT systems.


Jean Bennett – Finance Assistant

Jean joined Filton in March 2001 to work as part of the small finance team.  Jean became part time in 2016 but, in addition to being responsible for the payroll and other day to day finance duties she monitors our debtors.