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Meet the Team... Design and Production Planning

Monday 16th September 2019

Meet the people who interpret your needs and make them a reality.

Our Design and Production Planning Team.

Engineering Manager - Dave Collins

Dave joined Filton in 1975 as an apprentice.  After spending time in production, learning how to manufacture our products Dave joined the design team.  He became Chief Designer before taking on the extra responsibility of over seeing the production process.  Dave spends much of his time managing this process but still maintains an active role working with our customers.  He is available for advice and visits to our customers when required.


Design Engineer – Marcus Wolsey

Marcus joined Filton in 1986 as an apprentice and spent time in each area of manufacturing before joining the Design team.  Marcus’ knowledge and understanding of the different uses of our rotary unions and swivel joints mean that he is able to advise customers on the most suitable option for their requirement.  Marcus will also work with our customers to design an appropriate joint for their specific need.  Taking into account any necessary requirements eg: speed, pressure and temperature he will work through to the testing stage to ensure these joints meet our high standards.


Design Engineer – Alan Price

Alan joined Filton in 1993 also as an apprentice.  Alan spent time throughout our factory learning and understanding how each area works.  He has gained a thorough understanding of all our products, their potential uses and is also able to advise our customers for their specific need.  Alan, will work with our customers to design a new product suitable for their requirements.  He can also visit our customers when design advice is required. Alan is also an Internal Auditor for our ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Production Manager – Paul Hackney

Paul joined Filton in 1986 and initially worked in our Stores area.  After spending a number of years as a Progress Chaser and then an Estimator Paul is now responsible for production planning and managing the production process on a daily basis.  He ensures that our products are manufactured and prepared for delivery in an efficient and timely way.  Paul is always happy to accommodate an urgent need wherever possible if a customer has a breakdown.