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Meet the Team.... Inspection, Stores, Assembly and Despatch

Monday 15th April 2019

Meet the people who ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Our Inspection, Stores, Assembly and Despatch Team

Inspector - Fred Bolster

Fred joined Filton in 1978.  Fred inspects our manufactured components throughout the process to ensure they meet the specifications required.  He is also responsible for inspecting any bought out components to ensure they meet our high quality standards.  Fred brings an experienced eye to the inspection process using regularly calibrated equipment.


Team Leader Stores/Assembly/Despatch – Ken Hitchcox

Ken joined Filton in 1985 and worked in Stores for several years.  Since then Ken has spent time working in our Assembly & Testing area and Packing & Despatch.  All our joints are pressure tested before they are packed to ensure they meet a high standard of performance.   Ken became the Team Leader for the area in 2016.


Stores/Assembly/Despatch - Brian Maltby

Brian joined Filton in 2011 and works primarily in the Assembly & Testing area.  Brian ensures each joint is assembled and tested as the drawings indicate and each joint is given a unique serial number which allows for complete traceability.  Brian is able to look after the Stores area, Packing & Despatch when necessary.


Stores/Assembly/Despatch - Colin Johnson

Colin joined Filton in July 2018 and works closely with Brian in the Assembly & Testing area.  Colin is developing his skills in pressure testing  and his knowledge of our products.  He also works with Brian on our repair service, stripping and inspecting returned joints before identifying components which need to be replaced.  All repaired joints are fully tested before being returned to our customers.


Stores/Assembly/Despatch - Lewis Brothwell

Lewis joined Filton in October 2018.  He continues to build his knowledge of the Filton products and components.  Lewis is responsible for ensuring all components are stored correctly and for issuing the appropriate parts for each rotary union or swivel joint. 


Facilities - Gary Tedstone

Gary joined Filton late in 2018 and has wide ranging responsibilities.  Gary provides extra support when necessary to the assembly team but also works to ensure the machine shop and other areas of the factory are safe and tidy.  He also maintains the Filton machinery to ensure it is operating efficiently and safely.