Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints,
Air Breather Filters, Flexible Hoses


Designed and Manufactured in the UK, Supplied Worldwide for over 75 years.

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Meet the Team... The Machine Shop

Monday 15th July 2019

Meet the people who manufacture our components to Filton’s high standards.

Our Machine Shop Team

Team Leader – Keith Will

Keith joined Filton in 2001 as a Centre Lathe Turner.  He continues to carry out this role whilst supervising other members of the team.  In addition Keith is able to plan the production schedule and estimate delivery times when necessary.  Keith became our CNC Team Leader in 2014.


Lawrence Wilkins

Lawrence joined Filton in 1968 as a Craft Apprentice.  After 50 years of service he is now responsible for the operation of our manual lathes and works with our larger components.  Lawrence attends our H&S meetings as an employee representative where we discuss policy and any concerns or suggestions.


Andrew Miller

Andrew joined Filton in 2005 starting in our assembly shop and carrying out pressure testing.  In 2016 Andrew moved over to our machine shop to learn to set and operate our CNC machines.  More recently Andrew has been learning to operate our manual lathes.


John Smith

John joined Filton in 1974 as an apprentice and now works on our milling & drilling machines.  We have a variety of small manual machines in addition to a CNC Vertical Machining Centre which John is responsible for operating. 


Steve Dendek

Steve joined us in 1976 and is responsible for any brazing and soldering of our component parts.  In addition he is able to support the production team operating our CNC machines.  Steve is also able to support other work areas when needed.


Pete Hackney

Pete joined Filton in 1977 also as an apprentice.  After spending time in our assembly and despatch area Pete is now responsible for all lapping and grinding required on our components.  Pete also operates our manual milling and drilling machines and our manual and CNC Lathes when required. 

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