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Meet the Team.... Sales

Sunday 17th May 2020

Meet the people who go above and beyond to exceed your expectations!

Our Sales Team

Sales Engineer – Tony Ward.

Tony joined Filton in 1971 as an apprentice, straight from school.  He spent time in various roles in production, as a draughtsman and as Assistant Works Manager before settling as a Sales Engineer.  Tony is now Filton’s only Sales Engineer out in the field covering the whole of the UK and Ireland.  He has gained valuable experience over this time and has seen our products in many different industries and on many different machines.  If needed Tony can visit our customers to advise about replacing competitor unions and is also able to offer advice on the best union for the job.


Sales Support Team Leader – Claire Gibbs

Claire joined Filton in 1988, also straight from school.  Claire left to have a family but returned in 2011 to rejoin the Sales Team.   She is our despatch specialist but has gained a wide knowledge of our products over her time at Filton.  Claire became our Team Leader in November 2019 and also covers quotations,  orders and repairs.


Sales Support – Nicole Clarke

Nicole joined Filton early in 2017 part time.  Nicole’s specialty is customer orders and she has got to know our regular customers and their needs well.  Nicole has gained a good understanding of the Filton products and their applications, she continues to build on this knowledge.   As with the whole team she is able to cover quotations, repairs and despatch easily.


Sales Support – Charly Hackney

Charly joined Filton in July 2018 and works closely with Tony.  She plans his diary and prepares quotations and orders for customers he has visited.  Charly has also taken on the Filton social media role and continues to increase our online presence.  She has gained a good knowledge of the Filton products and their applications in various industries. Again, Charly is able to cover all the elements of the sales support role.


Sales Support - Karen Miller

Karen is the newest addition to our team, joining Filton part time in February 2019.  Karen covers quotations, orders, repairs and despatch and is gaining knowledge of the Filton products.   She is also building her knowledge of product  applications and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.