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What is a Rotary Union?

Wednesday 26th July 2023

Today’s blog takes another look at our product.

Rotary Unions are sometimes referred to as Couplings, Rotary Joints, Rotary Centres and Feeder Heads, amongst other names. These are all rotary sealing devices that connect rotating equipment to fixed piping and allow the transfer of different mediums (steam, water, air, etc…).


Where can a Rotary Union be used?

Rotary Unions are used to help produce many products which we use every day. From the packaging for our crisps or the food in our fridges, to the wallpaper on our walls or tiles on our floors.


In what industries would you find a Rotary Union?

-          Packaging and Paper Converting

-          Printing

-          Rubber

-          Steel

-          Textiles

-          Paper Making

-          Food

-          Plastic


That’s just a few of the industries where a Rotary Union can be used. Have a look at some of our blogs over the past few years to find out more.


If you have any questions or if we can help you with your applications you can contact us on sales@filtonltd.co.uk or technical@filtonltd.co.uk