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Filton Rotary Unions in the Laundry Industry

Friday 6th August 2021

Take a look at how our Rotary Unions are used in the Laundry Industry.

Filton Rotary Unions in the Laundry Industry

Filton Rotary Unions are used within the Laundry Industry, however these are not as common as they were 30 years ago.  Some of the laundry machines which have recently been introduced  do not require rotary unions to heat the rollers.


30 years ago, you would find Rotary Unions being used on heating of steam cans and air clutches, these are still used today but there are fewer applications.


Filton Rotary Unions to this day can still be found on Towel Washers and Ironers. Occasionally they can be found on air clutches on washing machines.


If you have any questions or if we can help you with your applications you can contact us on sales@filtonltd.co.uk or technical@filtonltd.co.uk

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